AFGHAN TIME map game AFGHAN TIME map game

AFGHAN TIME, 12-D, "Dynamiqs", RAFYQ (friend): Research-Afghan-5000-Years-Quizzettes. This is a map quiz, postcard, game board or poster. This is the result of over 30 years of design study developments, along with rare research pictures. Enjoy, the wall display, or play the learning activity. Use the Map display with family and friends, colleagues, business and many interests. Each Player chooses easy to advanced levels. Be a traveler in time or research reporter.

* POSTCARD: AFGHAN TIME, 12-D Quiz map. Begin with one for $2, two for $3. With 10 for $10, give one to a librarian, teacher, traveler or other. (Send eMail for Hallmark of authenticity and appreciation or Visitor.)

(1) POSTER DESCRIPTION: See the classic 40 year map. Find provincial areas. Around the map, see spaces of picture borders, including the 100 Year Flag. Card tabs are numbered by 12 categories, for library or career areas. Get World History by A/ Heritage. This is the “established Crossroad to Asia since 1,500 BC”! Ariana is the ancient Indo-European language. Seek truth in world history and heritage. Sizes vary from postcard, page, 11"x17" mat, 18"x24" to 22"x30".

(2) GAME BOARD: AFGHAN TIME-LINE. Basic Instructions plus discussion sheet are given on how to play on the game board. (Other ways are planned, by “Treasure Chests” of sets of cards.) First Player is by highest number. When missing an answer, Player waits a turn. Advance 12 “doors” of library or career areas. Tabs guide players or teams. By rounds, the first to reach space 12 calls - - - - - “12-D”: Trekker (Where), Tipster (Who), Traveler (When), Tourist (What), Guide (Why/How) by areas.

(3) CARD GAMES: See alternative game card rules on mat and sheets. Note current stock and developments, set/s of 12 for markers and deck/s of 52 cards, full color and black and white (B&W), uncut pages.
(A) Dynamics, 12-D, with 12-15 cards per page (full color, uncut, two page copies),
Mixed by Four Types:
Traditions, Arts, Trade, and Leadership
(B) Careers Cappers, Dynamics, 12-D, B&W, two pages for 24 cards.
(C) History & Hats with Song (Titles), USA, full color and B&W, Dynamics 12-D.
(D) Others pending interest and time.
(E) Size varies in pricing for full color cardstock.

Maintain credits in trademarks and copyrights to Jacklyn El Shaw, M.Ed., Admin.-Author, jjjjshaw, POB 3733, Seal Beach, CA 90740.


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