WHAT'S A POET "LARIAT"? (100 lines approx.)
by Jacklyn El Shaw (AKA Samuella California)/ December, 2004/

(I) WHAT DOES A POET “LARIAT” DO? /Round’em up?
A cowboy’s “lassoo”, with a verse, yahoo?/ a new Magnificat (a “Gloriat”)?
A needed word in a verse yet terse?/
Calls from a loving nurse,/ not news made worse?

Poets may, yet, be discovered?
You bet! A messenger, a “balladeer”,/ A silent note of good cheer?
A California Poet Laureate friend/ sings “Auld Lang Syne” with trends.
The Californian, creative,/ speaks true each as a mixed native.

Now, it’s your turn to have a say,/ if this “wannabee” “Lariat”/ could have her way,
if just today. What’s ahead, a song or dance? not just a dream or someone’s trance?
Writing poetry is a balm. It brings a therapeutic calm,
that is, with a good vision,/ and friends, not just television.

Are laurels without cares and snares?/ Desired jobs, nightmares,
turned to remorse?/ Well, not with a cup seen half full, of course./

  (II) WHAT’S A POET, we ponder?/ A person who writes fancy words?/ Can a poet do a P.R. wonder?/ It’s not just a desk job for nerds./ A romantic causes fluttering eyelashes./ Do lone poets ... write for the masses?/ Listening is endearing; / I love you, you hear? / Is a poet one with a beard / in a dark coffee house?/ May have suffered... someone sneered,/ still wants a new verse heard out loud?/ NY or Bohemia? “Frisco” to Santa Monica,/ -- lullabies can give us a yawn or a tingle./ Poets are liberated with a kind jingle./ Holidays with a season note/ on Kris Kringle/ may start anew with New Year’s Day,/ a sense of time, a new rhyming way./ So sings the performer,/ sometimes a reformer./ What word sounds like --“S’mores?--/ ”Heh! What’s a Poet? Sing “A-mor-e”./
Cowboy poets step / with Shakespeare meter./ Urbanite, suburbanite and/ a country greeter?/ We’d all like a part on the stage,/ the theater./

  (III) WHAT’S A POET? a living history?/ You tell me, fingers tapping the keys,/ with unfinished word symphonies./A verse can be about liberty,/ if not also equality./ a note against hate / can have a loving “gait”./ Is a poet someone who knows it?/ Is it an opening in some career calling?/ Philosopher? Minister? Teacher/ Lawyer?/ Communicator? Lab inspector? Inventor?/ Performer? Writer? or “Travel-log-er”?/ As many splendrous/, as all we poets may be,/ I believe each of us/ is a living history./ EPILOG? Noted trade secret log?/ Plant an idea: Does it get surpassed?/ -- by inspiration crass or en masse?/ An idea is an innovation:/ for enterprise or craft creation,/ for small family business/ foundlings or entries,/ for untold treasures it might belie/ for centuries? * NOTE: What's a Poet? A "Poiema"*. . ..

The Creator's "workmanship": You and I, each one of us is God's living poem. © “Samuella California” AKA
Jacklyn E. Shaw, 2004
* California Poet Laureate Nominee from Creative Writers, SBLW
* Note: workmanship, "Poiema", Ephesians 2:10.
Hayford's Bible Handbook (Nashville, Tenn: Nelson, 1995) &
Strong's Concordat (1994; 1890).


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